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19-2 is a character-driven cop show set in Montreal and revolving around the day-to-day life of two somewhat unwilling partners of Montreal police 19th district, Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes) and Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso). Unlike many other cop shows, 19-2 shows many shades of gray rather than standard black and white of what it is to be a patrol cop giving a somewhat reality/documentary feel to the show.

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Archer (2009)
3.5 2

Sterling Archer is the world's most dangerous spy. He works for a spy agency run by his mother. In between dealing with his boss and his co-workers - one of whom is his ex-girlfriend - Archer manages to annoy or seduce everyone that crosses his path. His antics are only excusable because at the end of the day, he still somehow always manages to thwart whatever crises was threatening mankind.

Breaking Bad
4.88 2

Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) stars in this drama focused on a mid-life crisis gone bad for an underachieving high school chemistry teacher who becomes a drug dealer after discovering he has lung cancer. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to gain financial security for his family, Walter White joins forces with an old student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), in a quest that follows their entry into a dangerous world of drugs and crime. Breaking Bad is produced by High Bridge Productions, Inc. and Gran Via Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television for AMC Television. Filming takes place in New Mexico. Breaking Bad has won 16 major category Primetime Emmy Awards from 2008-2014, despite not qualifying for awards in 2011. Most notably, Bryan Cranston has won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times (2008-2010, 2014) during the series' run. Aaron Paul won for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series three times (2010, 2012, 2014). In 2012, he beat fan favorite Giancarlo Esposito in the same nomination category. Anna Gunn won for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series twice (2013, 2014). The show also picked up the Outstanding Drama Series award in 2013 and 2014. The show has 98 critical wins and 168 nominations in total. Critics have largely agreed that Breaking Bad was generally one of the best shows on television, praised for its acting, writing, directing, cinematography, and feature content. By the end of the series, the producing team consists of Vince Gilligan, Mark Johnson, Michelle MacLaren, Melissa Bernstein, Sam Catlin, Peter Gould, George Mastras, Thomas Schnauz, Moira Walley-Beckett, Bryan Cranston, Diane Mercer and Stewart Lyons

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How I Met Your Mother
3.75 2

How I Met Your Mother is a comedy about Ted (Josh Radnor) and how he fell in love. It all starts when Ted's best friend, Marshall (Jason Segel), drops the bombshell that he's going to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), a kindergarten teacher. At that moment, Ted realizes that he had better get a move on if he too hopes to find true love. Helping him in his quest is Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), a friend with endless, sometimes outrageous opinions, a penchant for suits and a foolproof way to meet women. When Ted meets Robin (Cobie Smulders), he's sure it's love at first sight, but destiny may have something else in store. The series is narrated through flashbacks from the future, voiced by Bob Saget. The theme song is "Hey Beautiful" by The Solids.

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Man Seeking Woman
4.25 2

Man Seeking Woman is about a naïve and soft-spoken man in his 20s named Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel), who finds himself in several surreal and awkward circumstances while trying to find love.

Stargate Universe
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La troisième série de la franchise Stargate est basée sur la découverte et l'utilisation du neuvième chevron de la porte des étoiles.

Après avoir résolu un problème mathématique vieux de plusieurs milliers d'années, écrit dans une autre langue et caché dans un jeu vidéo, le jeune Eli Wallace (David Blue) est appelé à contribuer au projet « Porte des étoiles », en collaborant avec le professeur Nicolas Rush (Robert Carlyle) sur la base Icare, où se trouve l'énergie nécessaire à l'utilisation du neuvième chevron ; énergie provenant du noyau de la planète où se trouve la base Icare

Lors d'une attaque de la base, le professeur Nicolas Rush voit sa dernière chance de composer l'adresse à neuf chevrons et réussit, grâce au jeune Eli, à ouvrir un vortex stable. Les survivants débarquent sur le Destinée, un vaisseau ancien qui aurait servi à explorer les frontières de l'univers tout en suivant la trajectoire d'un premier vaisseau servant à disséminer des portes des étoiles dans l'univers. La planète abritant la base Icare est détruite durant l'attaque, ce qui les isole de la Terre.

Situé à plusieurs milliards d'années-lumière de la Terre, dirigé par le colonel Everett Young et le professeur Nicolas Rush, le groupe hétérogène des rescapés tente alors de survivre sur le vaisseau, dont la plupart des systèmes sont vétustes et peuvent lâcher à tout moment. Une panne du système de renouvellement de l'air apparaît ainsi quelques heures après leur arrivée.

The Office US
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Cette série met en scène le quotidien des employés de bureau d'une société de vente de papier, Dunder Mifflin, à Scranton en Pennsylvanie et de leur fantasque responsable, Michael Scott, dont le rôle est tenu par Steve Carell. Il s'agit de la même trame que la série originale britannique du même nom : The Office.

5 2

In the crime-ridden, mafia-governed city of Ergastulum, Worick and Nicolas are two "handymen" known as "Benriya" who would take any dirty job from either police or mafia -- for a good price. After an assignment from police the two met and later joined by Alex, a former prostitute who got interested in the mysterious background of the team, in particular of Nicolas' abilities.

The Prisoner (2009)
The Prisoner (2009)
1.5 1

"The Prisoner" tells the story of a man, Six, who wakes up to find himself inexplicably trapped in a mysterious and surreal place, The Village, with no memory of how he arrived. As he frantically explores his new environment, he discovers that Village residents are identified by number, have no memory of any prior existence, and are under constant surveillance. The Village is controlled by one man - the sinister and charismatic Two . Throughout the series, Six and Two are locked in a battle of wits, as Six challenges the oppressive nature of The Village and struggles to learn the truth behind it.

4.5 1

The one-hour drama series Westworld is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.